Creative Reel
Artists' Legacy Foundation
An Afternoon in Algiers Point
READ Nepal - Unlock Potential, Unleash Hope
Goodwyn / Powell
Plan Nepal - After the Earthquake
Environmental Conservation in Mongolia
I produced, shot, edited and created the graphics for this piece.
Movemeant Foundation
Wedding: Kura+Max
CDP Cities
ArtTwo50 Artists
I co-directed this commercial for a San Francisco-based tech startup.
Andean Collection
POP Culture Soda Company
MOCA Heart
Origins + Destinations
Tokens + Icons
The Asia Foundation in China
The Asia Foundation - Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
Sri Lanka's Navam Perihera
I shot and edited this piece.
The Asia Foundation - Women-Owned Businesses in Asia
The Asia Foundation's Environment Programs
The Asia Foundation - Girls' Education in Cambodia
I produced, shot and edited this piece.
Community Health Innovations
Meet the Makers: Mabel Chong
Wedding: Meghan + Ramon