Buryat Woman Buryat Woman
Sri Lankan Monk Sri Lankan Monk
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Girl in doorway Girl in doorway
Sri Lankan old man Sri Lankan old man
Mongolian Herdsman Mongolian Herdsman
Bactrian Camel Bactrian Camel
Repair Repair
Road to Nowhere Road to Nowhere
Bangladeshi Mother Bangladeshi Mother
Young Bangladeshi Woman Young Bangladeshi Woman
Fabric Truck Fabric Truck
Bangladesh Tuk-Tuk Bangladesh Tuk-Tuk
Cambodia Smile Cambodia Smile
Jasmine Jasmine
Golden Gate Golden Gate
  • Buryat Woman
    A Mongolian Buryat woman in traditional dress.
    Sri Lankan Monk
    A monk in Eastern Sri Lanka.
    Girl in doorway
    A young Sri Lankan girl hides in a doorway.
    Sri Lankan old man
    An old Sri Lankan man who makes his living ironing and folding clothes in Colombo, the capital.
    Mongolian Herdsman
    A young Mongolian man tending his herd of sheep during the harsh winter dzud of 2010.
    Bactrian Camel
    A Bactrian camel standing sentry against the deadly dzud of 2010.
    A miner in Mongolia repairs a bulldozer used to prepare a site for gold excavation.
    Road to Nowhere
    A road cuts through the winter countryside in Mongolia.
    Bangladeshi Mother
    A young mother holds her baby in a stream of light inside their shack. They live on an island without electricity or access to education.
    Young Bangladeshi Woman
    Fabric Truck
    Bright colors of Bangladesh on their way to becoming saris.
    A young Bangladeshi girl receives the first book she's ever owned.
    Bangladesh Tuk-Tuk
    These brightly decorated trishaws often depict famous Bollywood stars in caricature.
    Cambodia Smile
    A young girl in Siem Reap.
    Blossoms will be scattered for the Buddha at the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
    Golden Gate
    The iconic bridge to the city I call home.

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