About Matthew

About Matthew


I am a San Francisco-based freelance filmmaker and photographer, passionate about the process of translating stories of individuals, communities, companies and organizations into compelling and visually stunning narratives.

For 5 years, I traveled across Asia - from Mongolia to Indonesia, Japan to India, meeting people who were working to change their communities for the better, and documenting their stories on video. These seemingly divergent journeys, told from the smallest villages to the most densely populated cities, acted as my classroom in filmmaking, storytelling, and humanity. Those tales continue to inspire and inform my work, be it commercial, nonprofit, or documentary.

One of my key talents has always been the ability to adapt, and to learn new skills quickly - evidenced by my previous lives as a journalist, musician, and craft beer brewer. And I thrive in being out of context. I’m an American citizen who was born in Belgium. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries. I’m fluent in Mandarin. 

This site is intended to give you a basic look into my visual work - there is always more to see, though, and always more that I’m trying to do. The best way to find out about the latest and greatest is, of course, to get in touch. Please use the contact page on this site or email me directly at mr.pendergast@gmail.com.


Thank you!